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Project Description 2.0.x

Work Recorder

WorkRecorder allows you to keep track of time spent on the computer by logging your hours. This is done by selecting a task type (e.g. Work, School, etc), starting the timer, stopping, and saving the record. The work record can later be retrieved to resume working on the task by restarting the timer which adds to the exisitng time spent, or to simply edit the work type or comments. 
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Project Description 1.3.x
Work Recorder is a office aid software which can recorde the time used on PC for researchers, office workers and students. And it is also a good helper to overcome Internet Addiction which induce people half-hearted on their work.
WorkRecorder 是一款办公助理软件,能够记录工作内容和时间,适合研究人员、办公人员和学生。 希望能够预防网瘾,集中精力在工作上。

Work Recoder Main Form

Work Recoder Chart Form


Your PC must pre-setup .net framework 4.0
您的电脑必须安装 .net framework 4.0

Please read Documents for some detail.
了解详细使用,请阅读文档 .


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