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Work Recorder 2.0

Work Recorder 2.0 allows for you to keep track of time spent on tasks. This is done by storing time spent, start time, comments, and task type to a data file. The program also allows you to resume a saved task at a later time. Statistics on task types saved is also displayed and automatically updated when a new record is added to work history.

New features:

  • This new version now supports both the English and simplified Chinese language.
  • Old records can be resumed or comments edited by pressing the green up arrow in the Work history area of program.
  • Work Recorder 2.0 allows for theme (WPF Themes) selection. The Default theme in the menu is the Windows system default.
  • While a work record is active, it can also be paused now. This is done by Starting the task, Stopping it, then pressing the Start button again.
  • Comments can now easily be edited and saved by pressing the expand button on a record in the Work history area.


Work Recorder 1.3.x



workrecorder.ini confige the Items.Each item is partition by semicolon.

The xml files in root folder are date of days.

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